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Start your Twin Oaks, NC personal training career off right with a NESTA NCCA-accredited personal fitness trainer certification. Then, get easy-to-use fitness business and personal training marketing systems that dump piles of money in your pockets, while you help more people get in great shape!


"I am 100% dedicated to help you get your Twin Oaks, North Carolina fitness career in high gear. Start with the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, then check out all of the FREE fitness business training I have for you.  If you want to take your Twin Oaks, North Carolina fitness career to the very top in the industry, experience to our live fitness business event called Fitness Fortunes LIVE." - John Spencer Ellis

From Twin Oaks, North Carolina wellness certification options to blog articles to news on the latest trends and tips in the fitness industry, the newly relaunched website and blog offer a go-to resource for Twin Oaks, North Carolina fitness professionals of all levels.

Updated with new technology, special offers and up-to-date information, the
fitness site helps Twin Oaks, North Carolina trainers, coaches and fitness professionals put science into action and blend current fitness trends into successful Twin Oaks business ventures.

“I’ve met a lot of trainers and coaches who have a great passion for what they do every day, but need assistance when it comes to business and marketing, so that’s one of the key things all of my programs focus on – the reality of turning your fitness-focused passion into a business success,” said John Spencer Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a leading national fitness and personal development solutions company. “The new site offers more resources and tips for
coaches and trainers interested in taking the next step in their fitness career.”


Earn your NESTA NCCA-accredited Personal Fitness Trainer Certification to jumpstart your Twin Oaks, North Carolina fitness business!


We have everything you need for your Twin Oaks, North Carolina personal trainer business: insurance, social media training, video marketing, turn-key business systems, specialty certifications, free ebooks, and much more.


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